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He was seriously wounded during the Great Patriotic War, Sidur worked with the theme of the traumatic experience of mankind in the 20th century throughout his work. He contrasts beauty, love and free creativity to the deprivations of war and aggression. Among the peaceful images by Siddur – idealized compositions depicting lovers, athletes, musicians, female images. Siddur found his peace in such works.

The series «Girls from the choir», to which the «Girl from the conservatory» refers, reflects the sculptor's interest in music: he often visited the conservatory, was friends with the conductor Kirill Kondrashin, communicated with the composer Alfred Schnittke. Chamber format bronze sculptures depict the stylized silhouettes of singing girls. «The Girl from the Church Choir», «The Girl from the Disco», «The Girl from the Collective Choir», «The Girl from the Student Choir» refer to the same cycle.

The «Girl from the conservatory» is executed in a minimalistic manner. Sidur creates a harmonious balanced composition with a closed contour. Performed by smooth continuous lines, the female image is very sensual and elegant. A characteristic motif is used in this work – the silhouette of a girl resembles the shape of a cello, as if it merged with a musical instrument. V

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