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The work “Miracle Boat” is created by Leonid Purygin, was created at the edge of the late 80's – early 90's, that is, on the eve of his leaving for New York, or immediately after arriving there. During this period, the artist proceeds to smooth painting, more rapid in execution, and, as he himself believed, contributing to commercial success. The work preserves the iconology of the artist: its central part is a cosmic being, swimming across the ocean, moving towards America, it is one of the ways of the artist’s favorite image depiction – “Pipa”. A naked figure of the author himself is nailed to the pipe of “Pipa-the-ship” as if to some cross – it is a symbol of the ritual sacrifice, which also often appears in the iconography of Purygin. In the right part of the work, in the image of Adam and Eve, there are naked Leonid Purygin and his wife Galya sitting on a stump, at the bottom of the stump there is a serpent tempter. The artist feels anticipation and fear of a new life in another country at the same time, realizing this as a temptation and, at the same time, an update, a new birth.

Vitaly Patsyukov

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