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The «Bread» series refers to the period of formal searches in 2002-2012. At this time, Osmolovsky, seeking to create an autonomous artistic object, turned to pointless imagery. One of the motives that responded to this desire was bread – it becomes a self-sufficient work that does not need artistic processing. Osmolovsky plays up the theme of the iconostasis in the «Bread» series – the works resemble the component parts of icons by their forms. Christian connotations are strengthened by the symbolic identification of bread with the body of Christ during the sacrament. There are six small depressions inside the panel, reminiscent of both arched openings and a cross-section of a loaf. If the notches and holes appear chaotic on the main part of the panel, then an important feature of Osmolovsky's objects was manifested in these small depressions – they have a mirror symmetry, indicating their miraculous origin. The panel was created with the help of a laser, but from the side it looks as if the texture on them manifested itself, without the participation of the artist. V

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