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The Work is part of the «Pour into things» project which reinterprets Soviet sculpture. Kutovoy is researching for transformation of personal memories and mass memory in terms of the USSR propaganda patterns. The sculpture is a surreal metamorphosis: the artist combines the monument of Lenin and a slide from the children's playground traditional for all towns and cities of post soviet area.

Having received an academic education, the Sculptor chooses an experimental technique: the artwork is made of ceramics. By using this material, Kutovoy wanted to avoid the pathos of monumental propaganda and «leninism». The figures resemble small replicable ceramic figurines, which were almost in every house in the Soviet Union. However, if the decorative figurines were, as a rule, glossy, then Kutovoy deliberately leaves a rough brutal surface, more like a concrete monumental sculpture.

There is a kind of "realism” in the work, it seems to be withdrawn from some sort of its habitat, its world: the slide has already grown old and fell apart, and the machine that updates the colorful coating has failed and left only colored streaks. V

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