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I decided to perform a small vaudeville. “Disharmonizing determination” is a state of a human who stays at the bottom of a well for a long time — on pages of the book. As far as is known, he has a purple spot on the neck. And then my character Keanu appears and penetrates the stain with a glance.

Ode is geode of the stain

Severely age-dependent gratitude

Ensured a distinct etude.

Like a “black smoker” in the depth of the ocean,

Embroidered with the thread of Siam’s yarn,

As if appeared the ghost of Keanu…

He entered the cough and dismounted at the throat.

Just like other roots and stubs, straight book spines

Press the perishable rest into each other, standing in lines.

The beating of page-sized wings

He reads as if himself was inside the Book — with such ease.

Of exterior libraries, latent pleasures, delights,

And that’s how the eye escaped, dripped out.

The haze of peripheral vision

Filled the sharply-visual experience of a viewpoint obtimidation

with a FILIBUSTER; like parts of some feathering fill the pillow.

Purple smoke fills the skull,

Like a geode in its amethyst truly believes.

Came a sybarite, but returned as a liana.

Thank you very much from the fuzz, Keanu.


Vlad Kulkov

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