VLADEY is the first contemporary art auction house in Russia and was founded by collector and entrepreneur Vladimir Ovcharenko in 2013. The auction house has earned a strong reputation among collectors and artists and has since become a leading art market authority.

Twice a year, in autumn and spring, VLADEY conducts three sales: an Evening Auction, a curated auction (with all lots selected by a guest expert) and a One Price Sale (where every lot starts at 100 euros). This third type of sale is an innovation among international auction practices. VLADEY auctions are broadcast live so buyers can bid from wherever they are in the world. The average proportion of works sold at VLADEY is 75 percent, which is considered to be exceptionally high and meets international standards. In the past three years alone, some 250 art pieces by Russian artists have been sold throughout the auction's activities. In the majority of cases, these sales constituted the debut auction exposure for the authors.

Vladimir Ovcharenko makes no secret about VLADEY’s recipe for success: "There must be only masterpieces, masterpieces and masterpieces, regardless of whether it is a work by a star of the Russian art scene or by an emerging young artist. The most important thing for us is to show the highlights of their oeuvre and to surprise audiences by presenting it from an uncommon angle. We are glad to reveal artists' ideas.

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