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Artifact is a term with the help of which Francisco Infante defines not only his artworks but his creative method as a whole – as an action at the boundary of the idea and the matter, at the edge of metaphysics and everyday life. In the open air series of works which he started in the 1970s, his artifacts are free from straight connotations of past figural codes, more precisely, they are reduced here to a minimum, to an archetypal image that the artist also tries to dematerialize, forcing them float in the air (using invisible hanging structures). A mirror becomes the most effective method for thinning the image: in the form of a square, a triangle, a circle or a cross, it cuts into a relaxed, self-sufficient landscape and dissolves in it. The metamorphoses have an effect both on the object itself and the space around it. It loses its serenity and dimensionality, tears up, breaks down, and, finally, opens up to minds hungry for changes. V

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