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The Ministry of Ministries (“ilita” (the “elilte”)) is one of the main ministries of the satirical made-up government called “XVII”. Its core is composed of so-called “vatniki” (patriots), those whom are close to the Krab (Crab) Sovereign, pretending to be the cream of society. In fact they are only the court’s clowns, as suggested by the circus-like stylistics of the rebus letters and by the joker’s cape-crown shaped as the capital letter “Я” (“Ya”). They feel free and live in grand style, are extremely proud of themselves, usually wear a quilted robe (like Oblomov) and “well-deserved” awards – orders of the Sovereigns Grib (Mushroom), Grob (Coffin) and Krab (Crab). Their slogan is laconic and full of vanity: “I’m fucking amazing. In this coat. In this life”.

Tanya Pioniker

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