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This composition was executed as a part of “The Last Artist” series, a visual narrative over the course of many years, in which the main character is a young artist who is going through a creative crisis. For him, the way out of this is to ironically reconsider world art history - the main character of this cycle is as if reconsidering the art processes of the last century with the help of many assistants: from small chisellers to migrant workers, from live brushes to almighty hegemons of the internet - cats. “Circular tail movements” is designated as an art gesture, the simple repetition of which, according to postmodern formal logic, should lead to the creation of a full-fledged artwork. The cat-assistant who is wearing his work-gear is at first sight attentively following the master’s instructions (“The Last Artist” who is painted at the bottom right corner of the artwork), thus saving the nature of an artist’s gesture - obviously its tail is capable of touching in a different manner than the tail of an ass, a dog, a rat, a snake or a horse. And this innate quality is the personal contribution of the cat-artist, which doesn’t depend on outer instructions and keeping the value beyond the interference of the master, who keeps an eye on the process. It is not by accident that the latter is placed outside of the main part of the composition: when cats come into art, the only thing for humans left to do is to give instructions and pretend to be engaged in a busy art activity.

Egor Koshelev

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