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The presented “Landscape” is a typical example of Slepyshev’s picturesque manner in which he started working in the 80’s. Literally with a few pastel-coloured brushstrokes, the artist creates an image of an autumn landscape on canvas. A remote wall in the background of the painting is actually a forest, which extends into the distance, following the diagonal direction of the road. The black tree trunks are clearly depicted against a background of ochre-brown foliage, echoing the vertical lines of the road pillars. Between them stretch wires, the image of which the artist scratches directly onto the colorful paint layers. The combination of white unpainted canvas areas with color spots gives it a spectacular effect. In the white “sky” hangs a solar disk, as if emerging beyond the plane of the picture itself, its volume is molded with round ochre and yellow strokes, with droplets of black and green. In the lower left corner of the picture in a colorful riot of smears one can barely discern the shape of a truck moving along the road. The textured surface of the painting makes the landscape almost physically tangible. And this is one of Slepyshev’s main artistic tasks: “Everything should be material in my works. If it's land, then it must be heavy, rough. One should not depict it in details, .... but in such a way that its image itself is born from painting, from a combination of colors”. V

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