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As Erik Bulatov, Kasatkin continues researching the nature of the human eye optics and of visual phenomena. On the contrary to Bulatov who uses in his landscapes more flatness, colour spectra and text, Kasatkin uses more delicate methods: he adds details and objects to frame the landscape and creates some kind of transitional space capable of guiding the observer inside the painting. The presented artwork is the result of light experiments in the field of traditional Russian realistic landscapes: the artist explore the way fog refracts sunrays. Trees divided into several groups are covered with fog, changing colour from light yellow to ultramarine and then to pink. Kasatkin surrounds the tree silhouettes with different coloured halos, thus the shade of the top gold birch appears as a blue reflex. The pink silhouette of the tree on the right side of the painting is framed with a lighter blue. V

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