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The legendary nonconformist painter Oleg Tselkov found his character in 1960, and since then this image appears in all of his paintings as well as his thoughts. He simply calls it “face”. In his autobiography the artist describes it in detail: “Heretofore an unknown tribe...Hairless bald heads with narrow foreheads and massive chins are stuck on strong necks. The scrutinizing eyes are hidden in the narrow slits of non-blinking eyelids, which resemble the glance of a wild animal that suddenly ran into you and glances at you in such a way that you have to hide your eyes and walk sideways, afraid to look back…”

This painting was executed in 2013 in Tselkov’s manner: the same “faces”, deep colours, sculptural shapes. It differs from earlier paintings and just like his other artworks from the 2010s, it has a dynamic composition where all the space is full of figures. The characters have a 3rd eye, a wide mouth which extends across all the face, and they seem to be losing all human facial characteristics. The scene looks like it has been accidently lit up by the sun. The characters at the foreground of the painting look as if the have been caught by surprise, they seem to have cautiously frozen whilst looking at us with their beastly look. V

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