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Many Victor Pivovarov artworks devoted to solitude, the keynote of all his art, the theme of individual search in the atmosphere of monotony and uneventfulness. Many albums of Pivovarov are about this condition, it is possible to feel it in such paintings as “The room in the basements” (1995), “Empty room” (1995) where he showed empty space and interior tells there is only one inhabitant and his set of occupations which suppose isolation and self immersion.

Surreal compositions of Pivovarov also give feeling of solitude, there are fragments of everyday life also - “quiet weekdays”. At the painting “Rattan chair” the set of placed objects characterize the secret world of a person. Here we can see the rattan chair from the title of the painting - the symbol of coziness and privacy, there is a table near it. Floating abstract objects at the painting of Victor Pivovarov has the form of balloon or fox face mean typical for his way of thinking eidoses - visible forms of invisible ideas, thoughts and feelings of person the owner of space. All together they form the picture of comfort world. Thick grey background, dense and plain is important for Pivovarov it redacts and means the “smooth tablet”, where everyone begins.

Pivovarov attitude to the solitude is very interesting, it has value for artist as a factor for creativity, and often filled with romantic context. It is situation for the artist when a person can stay face to face with himself, to understand his perception of “personal relationships with surrounding world”. Pivovarov has classified solitude as to the four stages:

Tragic or existing solitude

Melancholic or cosmic solitude

Contemplate or metaphysics solitude

Joyful or absolute solitude

It is poetic classification. At the painting “Rattan chair” the artist through the pauses of unspoken words asks a question: what kind of solitude you can see here? V

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