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Since 1965, Bella Levikova has taken up abstraction. She participated in key events which marked the development of Soviet underground art. Her works were presented in the City Committee exhibitions in Malaya Gruzinskaya Ulitsa, the “Bulldozer” exhibition (1974), the exhibition at the “Beekeeping” pavilion in VDNH (1975). Levikova’s pictures participated in the famous auction Sotheby's in Moscow in 1988.

The presented work is included in the series “Fields of cosmic events” (started in 2010), in which the artist, with the help of the formal devices, seeks to find the universal cosmogonical principles. Like Yury Zlotnikov, Bella Levikova develops her own signal system, based on the integral vision of reality. In this work modern ideas about physics, communicative possibilities of color and shape, which attracted the attention of Malevich and Kandinsky, and also ideas of the ‘Thaw’ era abstract art are fused.

Compositions of “Mysterious crossword” are constructed intuitively – they are beyond the ordinary logic: the source of all Levikova’s works is metaphysical comprehension of the global processes. Visual signs are subject to the internal order, immutable, like the laws of physics. Under the influence of this order, similar to the gravitational waves, the elements of the composition converge, forming constellations, interpenetrate each other, exchange energy flows. These processes, which exceed human understanding, are not amenable to verbalization, so Levikova names her work “Mysterious Crossword”. She doesn’t give an unambiguous interpretation, but outlines a range of questions, which will have to be answered in the future. V

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