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An attempt to honestly respond to these restrained, sometimes disturbing and being nonpulced paintings of «nature within nature» leads us to a suspended state of uncertainty — «somewhere in between». Our reaction is like a process of introspection, we are immersed in a stream of elusive forms: sensory essences and fictitious images.

There is no doubt that these works reflect personal and artistic experience of Serebryakova's work with similar transitional states. The viewer never knows the details of the creation process, so he can only bring his own sensory interpretations. This is what happens with the paintings of this unique Russian artist: her creations are on the border of imagination, on the periphery of consciousness, in the space between spaces.

Mark Gisborn

These mental landscapes are the pictures of shadows, from light and shade I write only a shadow, our consciousness is a shadow that creates images and meanings. The light in them is a general background, if you wash away everything written, only «light» will remain on the canvas, more precisely, nothing  — a light-like nothingness.

M. Serebryakova

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