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The painting «Trans-Siberian Avenger» by Egor Koshelev is one of his works, united by the aim of critical revision of the history of art of the last century. Koshelev protests against the perception of the art of XX century as a process that destroys the artist's original creative gesture and suggests its rethinking through new works. The artist does not use the already familiar postmodern quotations, but seeks to live chosen episodes from the art history through himself. Fixing his attention on unexpected details, changing species and genre of famous works, Koshelev asserts one of his main ideas: history is not the space of the accomplished once and for all, but first of all it is an experimental platform for a modern man. The presented composition is an afterword to two well-known performances by the German artist Joseph Boyce — «Trans-Siberian Symphony» and «How to explain the paintings to a dead hare». Koshelev here is mostly interested in the phenomenon of limiting objectification of the animal used by the author. And Boyce himself repeatedly spoke about social responsibility and supported the ideas of «green» in his public speeches. Koshelev gives the hare an opportunity to declare his right to a historic revenge: his colossal figure, which dominates the picture, triumphantly suppresses Boyce's image. The painter transforms the faceless carcass, once used in actions, into a mighty symbol of rebellious nature. V

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