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Just as the old carpenter Antonio discovered a live boy in his log, in this project the artist guesses the image of a book that can not be opened and flipped, in a wood chip. The tree of knowledge appears fragmented into several dilapidated racks with books closed forever. Man is an unwitting heir of the universal archive, imputing to him an essential duty to cognize and at the same time makes him a victim of constant awareness of the unknowability of being. Having accepted the estrangement of the surrounding reality, mankind is experiencing a detachment from the sign systems created by it. When the whole world becomes a continuous text, the material sources of knowledge are not in demand, they lose their own content. Before us is an abandoned warehouse of cognitive silence, returned once again to its own essence — a forest thicket, an impenetrable and obscure riddle for the human mind. V

The most important, the most significant moment of finding a plastic formula is similar, probably, to the sense of a scientific discovery, when the disparate elements suddenly line up in a certain system after endless hours of the researcher’s desperation. I distinctly remember the moment when I saw an old book in the chip of the tree. The similarity of the yellow pages of the book-object and the book-log, the eternally closed world outlook, the impossibility of solving the stranger life…

Peter Beliy

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