Bouquet is one of the most favourite plots of Boris Orlov. Long analytical work with symbols of totalitarian art was preliminary to creation of this type of object. Bouquet is synthetic symbol accomplished this search and appeared at the middle of 80s. The sculpture created it on the basis of preparatory deconstruction of «Stalin Style» and classical heritage this style was formed.

Bouquet is emblematic figure of festival and triumph that is why it is more frequently used in Baroque art. At the sculpture this motif usually materialized in tiny art plastic. And the secondary meaning at the architecture even at Empire style prevails animal motifs in interior ornament. The bouquet setting (sheaf) become central element only at architectural complex of totalitarianism as the attribute of agriculture ambitions as a symbol of earth blossom under the Supreme Power. As any symbol it has own carrier, bouquet is carried and given by children, collective farmers, wives of military officers. Choosing bouquet as a main theme Orlov create type of circle sculpture which is not existed on its own in totalitaristic art. It is significant that analytics of symbolic language of power do not cause disintegration of form. Boris Orlov is distinguished figure in modern sculpture, he offers a new plastic solution which due to its irony nevertheless conveys all the space-corporal of Soviet «empire in time of plague».

During his art path emotional colouring was changing at the artworks of Boris Orlov. The interest to the linguistic philosophy at the 70s was followed by striving to deconstruct and alter classic codes of art, first of all the system of order which he can see even in feet. At the period of “Russian sensation”, at 90s natural uncoated oak was hardly present at works of Orlov but later the artist returned to use of this material but from the other side of interest - folk culture and works. Orlov shows folklore as forceful power, some kind of organic of life absorbing all codes and canons of high art and as the result taking away the «eternal» status of art.

In this «Bouquet» there is converted wood, so-called «cultural» channeled support foot, and «savage» works, like the log saw cuts. In the middle of every log saw cut there are military medals. Their position inside the rings of the tree is also ambivalent, the nature ornament removes them making military medal the picture on the tree. The initial matter of the tree «absorbs» coloristic energy of military attribute and the real military medals lose their colours, fade, but the cuts flush and shine paint in colours of military strips. Following the logic of front composition Orlov depicts the sense center - cornucopia - by using grisaille to imitate the volume. The sculpture «Bouquet» demonstrates the cycle of absorption-birth of power attributes and reminds work of interior fountain which deliver the energy of eternal human vanity. V

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