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Oleg Tselkov found his character — “the muzzle” — in 1960. Since then this image has been present in his paintings. As the painter notes, even after almost 60 years of creating this “unwitnessed tribe” he still cannot figure out who they are. “The muzzle” might be a personification of the animal nature hidden in all of us.


The painting “Acrobats” is done in the recognizable manner of Tselkov, but same as other works of 2010s it stands out with particular dynamics. If we take a closer look, we can see that these massive creatures are balancing: the lady is either lying on the shoulder or is about to fall. The fragment of a circus performance seems to have been accidentally “pulled out” from the darkness by a stage light. “The muzzles” demonstrate their vigorous and rapacious nature, and it seems that we can hear their hoarse breathing from their grinning mouths.V

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