Mikhail Dolyanovsky

FridayFebruary 2, 202411:00

SundayFebruary 25, 202422:00

VLADEY, Neglinnaya, 14 building 1A, entrance 4

Mikhail Dolyanovsky

2 February — 25 February
Neglinnaya, 14с1А, entrance №4
11:00—22:00, without days off

The excursion program 

Mikhail Dolyanovsky is a new name on the Moscow art scene. With Dolyanovsky's appearance in Moscow, a completely new pictorial aesthetic associated with figurativeness and expressionism has become known.  

Dolyanovsky manages to unite things that had been separated before him in the field of pictorial style into quite different strata. The first is his work with today's mass culture, contemporary pop art. The second is Expressionism, a fluid and plastic style with a high degree of abstraction. Pop art painting is traditionally considered «cold», close to conceptualism, while expressionism is certainly a «hot» style.

Mikhail Dolyanovsky crosses the two pictorial languages.  His fascination with cinema manifests itself in the «Hollywood» style of digital image processing, which he cuts, doubles, twists and transforms as actively as if he were cutting new superheroes. But the field of his witty and daring play with the image remains the language of classical painting, pastel, rich in colour, with the refinement of the brushstroke. This unique personal approach, rational and sensual at the same time, describes modern man very accurately and has great potential for further development. The present reality is full of drama and the future is vague and will undoubtedly bring great changes — so Dolyanovsky's energetic, witty and sensual pictorial language may prove to be a safe haven in these trials.

Text by Evgenia Kikodze

Exhibition view


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