The panel has a connection to Stas Volyazlovsky’s short story called “Elephant Masha”. The main character Petro or some storyteller decided to capture this incredible story. “No one could have worried about the affectionate attitude to Masha, probably no elephant in the African savannah loved an elephant like Petro loved Masha... In a few days with Masha, Petro understood that before he did not live.”

Some festive attributes with BDSM elements indicate a marriage scene. Inflamed imagination combines images of two countries, India and Japan, both with an ancient erotic tradition in arts. Manically drawing the genitals, the main character plunges into the depths of tantric pleasures invented in India, a country where elephants are so honored. In addition, there is an example of erotic stories involving animals found in the Indian temple Lakshmana of 10th century. Male characters on the panel have faces that resemble Japanese mythical creatures with long noses called tengu, the earliest images of which date back to the 13th century. Thus, the rhyme with the 19th century print “Elephant catching a flying tengu” (or “Don’t be conceited”) seems not so random.

In this self-made panel, the artist creates a feeling of genuine sincerity of a lover mad with passion. This is the art brut without filters and disgust; tough in content, skilful in performance. V

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