Answering the questions:


“Visibility” or “The Horizon of Events”


Visibility is merely what we capture with our glance, it is a possibility of percolating through the stratum of ether, it is a look into the distance.

But Visibility is an illusion, a mirage. Seemibility.

There is also another name — “The Horizon of Events” that refers us to an imaginary border in space-time, to lightlike infinities of the past and the future… realizing that both are packed in us now. The horizon — it is always about where you are not yet or are already not. An event does not happen, but engagement, observation is already an event. That is why the spectator plays an important role, the size of the painting is also meaningful. Everybody is a participator and not only in mental, but also in a physical way — this space can be “entered”, it is possible to be in the painting. The side vision does not cover the edges of the canvas, they are blurred and escape from the field of view, extending the line of the horizon to infinity, making a boundless landscape.

All works from this cycle were intended to be strictly monochrome. These mental sceneries — paintings of shades, out of chiaroscuro I paint only the shades, our mind is a shade which created images and meanings. The light in them is a general background, if you wash off everything painted, only the light will be left, more precisely, nothing — lightlike nothing.


However, besides words and guides, first of all, it is an opportunity to dissolve in the worlds of ambiguity and contemplation.


M. Serebriakova


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