In the “Innocent” video installation three French actresses are involved in a flawlessly coordinated cyclic movement while performing an enigmatic speech in a language they do not know. Each of them is the one who speaks and the one who is spoken about. Each of them states insufficiency, inadequacy, indefinability of a language.

Musically, each cycle has a ternary form: a chord, interval increases to an octave, and then a new chord, which ends with a recitative phrase. Alimpiev does not invade the alien territory of musical composition, leaving this component of work to the organic, corporal, emotional experience of actresses. They are forced to go somewhere, we don’t know where, to get something, we don't know what. They go almost blindly, intuitively, returning with misty eyes, strange smiles, trembling, obeying an unknown law, singing, like sirens, the ultimate phantasm of a sole many-faced subject. V


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