Vladimir Yakovlev is widely known due to his series of artworks with flowers, which were an important keynote of his works since 1970s. In the presented work dated 1985, a flower in a pot is placed in an abstract space with no indication as to the place or time. Yakovlev deliberately constructs generalised and relative images – he doesn’t depict our material world but his own metaphysical vision of objects, some kind of universal archetypes, which do not directly correspond to real prototypes. Yakovlev’s flowers seem fragile and helpless, as if they inherited the artist’s feelings of melancholy and loneliness: the artist always had poor health and in the beginning of the 1980’s he was placed in a psycho-neurological hospital, where he stayed until the end of his life. The lines and textures are especially expressive. Yakovlev paints in intensive colours but dilutes the gouache with water, making the paint layers seem semi-transparent, and through which can be seen the texture of the paper and the precise black contour. V


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