The presented work was donated to the artist and poet Mikhail Grobman, the inscription along the lower edge says: «My closest friend, Yakovlev, painted this on the anniversary of our wedding with Irka, June 24, 1969, we were all together at our house».

"Cells" are executed with gouache on paper and stylistically refer to the early tashism period of his creativity. Already in the mid-60's figurative expressionism began to dominate in Yakovlev’s work, but the artist occasionally returned to abstract expressionism throughout his life. Thus in the presented work of 1969 he creates a dynamic black grid-composition on paper, the cells of which are filled with multi-colored dotted strokes. The artist uses mainly white-gray gouache and several bright colors – yellow, red, blue, marsh green. Yakovlev tried the «Pointillism» technique back in 1958 during his early experiments, but it was symbolic for him – as the artist later said in an interview: «the dots represent all my injections». V

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