The complex and multilayered composition of this painting executed in 1968 can be called a kind of illustration of the artist's memories of his youth: «…In my paintings of that time (now it is designated as a time of «severe style»), I depicted my life, which was as if on repeat: drunkenness and fights, fun and sadness. I wanted to capture the transience and theatricality of our life. I absolutely did not care about the style, or the fashionable searches in painting. Everything arose spontaneously, what had once been seen was refracted in the imagination…». His recognizable face, framed by a beard, appears in this work along with the faces of two other characters (his wife and her lover). The face is inscribed in a circle, similar to the ocular of a kaleidoscope, in which the images of sad memories are mixed. This circle is like a full moon, illuminating a distant winter landscape with its dim light. As if from a certain high point you can see the houses with beveled roofs, lamp posts along the road, curved trunks and tree branches, dark figures of people walking along piles of snow to the church bell tower. In the background of the picture, a ship can be seen through the branches, as if stuck in the frozen waves. A candle flame, casting light on the faces of the characters, brings a few warm color accents to the cold color of the picture. The warmth of the human body is felt only in the female hand that holds the candle, but which seems to be gradually getting colder and colder – as if the the cold is flowing through her veins. V

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