Artifact is the term by which Francisco Infante defines not only his works, but his creative method in general. The beginning, according to the artist, should be looked for in his very early years – when the author tried to impose his first thoughts on the world order on the real starry sky. So the notion of an artifact was born – as actions at the junction of idea and matter, on the border of metaphysics and everyday life.

In 1968 in F. Infante's cycle «Suprematist games» a quote appeared on the site of the idea: a suprematic composition of rectangular figures, only it was laid directly on the snow. The snow was already mildly melting, lost the ideal whiteness – exactly as the «cosmos» (white background) in the pictures by Malevich. So it became possible to talk about the advent of the era of postmodernism in Russian contemporary art. V

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