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I’ve created the whole cycle of artworks “Fragments of newspaper”. The presented painting is from the series “Empty”. The idea of these artworks is that pulled out (by chance) fragments of lines from newspapers, combinations of letters which can form some words. Particularly, in the series “Empty” all formed words literary become the word “EMPTY” in different languages. That is why they have titles “Fragment of the British newspaper”, “Fragment of Russian newspaper” and so on - it was important to mention the language. There are signs of punctuation between the letters sometimes, they indicate that words are formed by chance and letters belong to another words.

“Fragments of newspaper” I started in 1996, at that time they included parts of pictures not just letters, sometimes with advertisement or other visual elements. Then I notices letters can form words and artworks included only text, and the first artwork consisted from the word “leere” - empty, and then “leere” - emptiness. Later I created a series of drawings with different word in different languages, words important to me.

“Emptiness” in this artwork could be understand in different ways. Emptiness as emptiness of the painting itself: all artworks have empty space in the middle. Emptiness as senseless vanity of everyday life reflected in newspapers. Or emptiness as eternity that is always around and could be “read” between the lines of our reality. After all, it is not by chance emptiness is one of the most important ideologeme of Moscow conceptualism.

Ivan Chuikov

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