Valeri Chtak

WednesdayOctober 5, 201612:00

SundayOctober 9, 201620:00

VLADEY Space, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8, bld.7

VLADEY presents the exhibition by the Moscow artist Valery Chtak  within the framework of the «Artist of the Week» program. The exhibition will show more than 40 monochrome canvases by the artist from the series «Cities of RF», created in 2016. Chtak explores the genre of urban landscape, which is touched quite rarely in the contemporary art, in his new series. The artist offers his view on this subject, presenting minimalistic images of Russia's urban landscapes.


«I came to Vladivostok and was shocked. I walked around the city and saw an incredibly beautiful bay, where there was a whole fleet of ships. And then i turned around— there were gray, trashy nine-stored blocks behind my back! Then i understood: it doesn’t matter in which city you run out to be, everywhere you will find this dismal panel view. These houses can only be depicted schematically, in the same way, and in no other way», — so Valery Chtak says about the series «Cities of RF».

Valery Chtak remains faithful to his style in his new series. He is in constant search of plastic beauty in subcultures and defines his creativity as «subcultural pop-art». So, the artist collects images that have long been released into circulation, organizes them and endlessly reproduces them in his works. In Chtak’s every work there is an empty space in which the forms could develop further on. Completed images do not attract the attention of the artist.

Exhibition view

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