Oleg Golosiy

WednesdaySeptember 14, 201612:00

SundaySeptember 18, 201620:00

VLADEY Space, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8, bld.7

VLADEY presents the personal exhibition by Oleg Golosiy within the framework of the «Artist of the Week» program.

Oleg Golosiy – the legendary painter of the «new south wave» of the 1980–1990’s , the «soul» of the squad and the same called union of the artists «Paris commune» in Kiev (1990–1994). The exhibition presents paintings of different years and different periods of the artist's work, but they are all united by very simple and piercing images. One of the earliest works – «Pathetic angeloid» (1988) – from the series, dedicated to religious theme. Several paintings from the period, inspired by the black and white Hollywood movies: «Playing Cards», «In Sailor’s Club», «It is such pure, such light happiness», «Boxers with a Star» (all 1991). Glowing, peaceful painting «Through the Leaves» was painted during his stay at the residence in Munich in 1992. The works of this period convey the almost Buddhist state of the artist. The last series, created by Golosiy, is presented by the painting «Space. Satellite.» (1992). The image of the movement and the cold blue-blue color give a sense of aspiration to another, infinite space.

Oleg Golosiy created at one breath, empowered by a strong feeling, compelling impression, because his work were so lively. According to the memories of relatives, he was opened and sensitive, hurrying to live and create. As Oleg wrote in his essay in 1990: «Live without why and what for, in selfless sincerity of expression».

The works by Golosiy are in the collections of the of the State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Gallery of contemporary art in Glasgow, PinchukArtCentre in Kiev, in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, England, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, etc.

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