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VLADEY Space, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8, bldg.7


Currently, the  Pompidou Center in Paris hosts an exhibition of contemporary Russian artists called «Collection! Contemporary Art in the USSR and Russia in 1950-2000: a unique gift to the museum». This large-scale retrospective was created under the curation of the Multimedia Art Museum director, Olga Sviblova and the Pompidou expert Nicolas Lucci-Gutnikov. Over 250 works became part of the national collection and entered the permanent exposition of the Pompidou Center. The list of artists and their works was approved by several commissions and the Pompidou director Bernard Blesten.

The same brilliant composition of contemporary Russian artists is planned to be presented at VLADEY auction «TO SEE PARIS». Among them: Ivan Chuikov, Georgy Gurianov, Dmitry Gutov, Konstantin Zvezdochotov, Ilya Kabakov, Oleg Kulik, Yuri Leiderman, Pavel Pepperstein, Victor Pivovarov and others – according to the list of the «Collection!» exhibition in the Pompidou Center.

The auction will be preceded by a charitable auction, in which the works by the graduates and teachers of the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia named after Rodchenko will be presented. The proceeds will be used to develop the School.


Vladimir Ovcharenko about VLADEY auction «TO SEE PARIS»:


«Exhibition «Collection!» in the Pompidou Center – a remarkable event of 2016. Russian artists are gaining increasing world fame every year, get into serious museum collections. Of course, the Pompidou stamp is an important touch, confirming the high level of contemporary Russian art. One more peak is conquered! It is important for VLADEY to offer our clients the best works of art. Therefore, we decided to give an opportunity not only to the Pompidou Center, but also to private collectors to purchase works of Russian artists recognized at the world level. It is important that the auction and pre-auction exhibition are held at the Multimedia Art Museum, at one of the key areas of contemporary art in Moscow. This underlines the status of the works presented at the auction».

Exhibition view


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