In Pepperstein’s work, both graphic and literary, each war is an invented concept aimed at the development of the collective psychosis through the media. In front of us is the plot of a fantastic propaganda film about a “common enemy”. A giant boy creates the world and in every time, in the past and in the future, points the guns at himself. Tired and frowning, he waits for the end, but all the weapons next to this big child look like toys. Infantile, selfish desire of the boy to use the whole world as a means of achieving his, though self-destructive, goal makes this war even more resembling a cruel children's game. The film represents a metaphor for the absurdity of totalitarianism, and the boy embodies the blind cruelty of absolute power. Or maybe this is an explanation of the incessant wars of humanity, which, in fact, for thousands of years fights the giant.V

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