In the series of objects “Wares. New Arrivals” created in 2017, Anatoly Osmolovsky borrows the forms of the tank gun turrets of those countries that have only recently created their models: India, China, Turkey, Poland. This was the only selection criterion. In the 1990s, Osmolovsky was a radical actionist; in the 2000s, he turned to the formal search and began to speak in favor of the autonomy of art from politics. In the presented series, the gun turrets of tanks, simplified and freed from their accessories, resemble abstract sculptures. Unlike an airplane, whose functionality depends on the external structure, the tank turrets have more free configurations. Osmolovsky explores how the heritage of the avant-garde, implicit in industrial design, unconsciously affects the thinking of engineers. The artist turns the symbols of aggression into conventional forms, objects of art, neutralizing their purpose, their belonging to the state. The turrets of Osmolovsky’s tanks have no guns, they have nothing to shoot from. Art disarms, opening new points of view on things, finding new ways of interaction.V

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