When the viewer sees the artist’s works for the first time, his first question is: what is depicted here, what did the artist want to say, why was it executed in such a way. This is Konstantin Zvedochetov’s “Abracadabra”. Konstantin is the star of a generation of artists who came to the art world in the mid-70’s, a member of the “Mukhomor” group and etc. A dreamer, whose dreams came true, a novel writer, the creator of cartoons, and of course, a mystificator. Thanks to this last quality of his, it is impossible to divide the artist’s personality into two halves: here is the artist and here is the person living at this time. And one shouldn’t try to divide, as it is impossible. Let’s try to divide his “Abracadabra” into components. Two green alcoholics in the style of caricatures from the Soviet magazine “Crocodile” in a 3D space with a barred-window, with inscriptions on the walls from counting-out games, slang, bling ornaments – as if saying “don’t believe your eyes”. And all of this from the artist’s memory from the time when “The glitch of innovation is the psychosis of the 20th century… Kitsch – that is popular art, art for the masses”.

Irina Filatova

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