Technology turns man into the almighty and immortal God. The modern god-man simultaneously have three types of consciousness, which function not excluding each other.

The first consciousness corresponds to the secondary school program. It is the mentality of an enlightened individual. The institutions of state, family and other matrimonial rubbish is in its place there. This is the picture of the world which is usually called ‘normal’.

The second consciousness is the archaic one. In it, magic, myth and mystical experience enter into force. And also cannibalism and witch-hunting.

And the third is the ultramodern consciousness. In it, the norms and limitations of the normal enlightened consciousness are subject to revision, deformed, constantly changing their meanings. In it, the concepts on which the world order was based for thousands years – phenomena of war and nations, wage labor, state borders, and gender – lose their certainty.

In the perspective of the three above-mentioned plans of our new consciousness, the near future looks like a bright fusion of neuro-hallucinatory techniques, mysticism and hype.

Ivan Razumov

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