The artist always faces the question: does anyone need what I do? Do i need this? Other people? Art? Each and every person? What am I doing? Very often this is precisely the main frustrating force that hinders a free flight and forces postponing important questions for later.

Reflecting on this problem, I realized that I am in a state of procrastination very often: I read messages from social networks, watch cartoons with children, follow the news, resent all the Facebook arbitrariness of town-planning authorities. But all this would seem to not promote me in the main business of life – art. I wanted to create a work that would reverse everything on the contrary: it would make all the most insignificant studies meaningful and turn the slurp into creativity.

I tried to transform the chaos of the external environment into an experience of a «flow», a task that brings joy. I immediately transferred to canvases all that was splashed out on my shore by the media ocean. The news about Pussy Riot «made it» to the canvas, the radioactive blasts of the accident at Fukushima, the Sveta from Ivanovo, the memo about the transparent dress of the Olympic champion, the demonstrators on the Prospect Sakharov, the bizarre aquatic plants and the beast from the ipad game, and, finally, the foundation of the Ostankino towers with a red button, as an enduring totem of all ether noise in general.

Natasha Struchkova

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