In the «Beach scene» one can recognize mythological story, namely the myth of Leda and the swan – it refers to the cycle where Zeus turns into different creatures, acting as a seducer of nymphs and other female characters.

On the other hand, political symbols are recognized – it's an irony of the mania of our time to write political content even in the most remote stories. The towel bears the signs of the European Union, and this is a real detail: such towels are very popular, I also had it. And penties with the American flag can also be found often. Perhaps, the swan is associated with with America because of the bending of the neck at the level of our hidden associations.

Therefore, the general content consists of two parts: erotic, where Leda – fresh, young, not subject to transformation, and on the other hand, ironic. Each time creates its own sauce for eternal subjects, and our time is very politicized, so this scene is served under such sauce.

Pavel Pepperstein

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