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Ideologically verified photos of the flagship of the Soviet periodicals — the «Ogonyok» magazine — are the symbols of their time. Beautiful and happy toilers of industry, agriculture, construction, science, culture and education shone on the pages, strengthening the citizens' faith in Marxism-Leninism. Sergei Zarva also remembers: «We did not hang the covers of «Ogonyok» right at home, but at my mother’s work the whole wall was in them. She worked as an artist-designer, after school I went to her. That's the impression from my childhood». A series of Zarva’s works was performed on top of the covers of the «weekly socio-political and literary-artistic» «Ogonyok» magazine of the 1950-1960s. Zarva's propaganda luster with unchanged black humor destroys, creating new images of valiant «heroes of labor».
As the original issue of the magazine says on May 23, 1954, on the cover «Lidia Marakhotova (Noginsk district, Moscow region), participant of the All-Russia show of rural amateur art, performs the song «At the Well». The article goes on to say: «A gifted singer sang with young enthusiasm». In Zarva’s work, she jerked her mouth from diligence, tightening the sonorous-folk. Truth is written by the author of the article: «We can endlessly wonder how many talents are born in our country every year!"
In 2011, works from the «Ogonyok» series were presented at the New Museum in New York, and in 2013, curator Massimiliano Joni included them in the main project of the 55th Venice Biennale. V

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