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The presented work continues the cycle, which was opened in 2001 and became a peculiar ritual for Sergei Bratkov. "VP" is the third work performed for the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin. This cycle captures the moods of society and allows us to retrospectively consider how the media image of President Vladimir Putin was being transformed, how the relations between the people and the authorities were changing.

The first work in the series was the photo, which Bratkov gave to common women, having no relation to modern art, to cover with paint. This lubok, truly folk image embodies, people's hopes the "stability and prosperity" were embodied. The second portrait was created in 2008, when Putin's second presidential term was coming to the end. In this photo "VP" was painted in brown: Bratkov compared him to with President Barack Obama and his pre-election program, expressing hope for the liberalization of Russia's political course.

The third image turns out to be the gloomiest of the entire cycle. During the third term, people's displeasure with the tightening of the political regime, foreign policy and the economic crisis in the country increased. All these features are concentrated in one cruel image. Sergey Bratkov combines photography techniques with painting. The photographic portrait was transformed with the help of montage and covered with a layer of the enamel paint, which is characterized by thick texture and the coldish tone. Only the silhouette remained instead of holistic portrait. The face is divided into two halves: the left is completely flooded with black color, the right one preserves the human features, but the exposure is so strong that only the eye and the outlines of the mouth are visible. "VP" becomes a figure in the shadows with an all-seeing eye. And we understand that after all these years, we have no answer to the question that was voiced in 2000: "Who is Mr. Putin?". V

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