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The presented work is included in the series “My Moscow”, which was opened in 2005. Although usually Sergei Bratkov in his works concentrates on the human relations, “A small house in the City” depicts a city landscape. The composition is formed by four houses from two different epochs: ‘Khrushchev building’ (five-storey apartment house), an unfinished building, and the new skyscrapers with shining plate-glass facades in “Moscow City”. The buildings, embodying the stages of existence of different architectural projects, enter into a dialogue.The Soviet house embodies the spirit of old Moscow, which was replaced by multi-storey business centers of steel and glass, modeled on the western megalopolises. Although the dominant of the composition is the “Mercury” tower, the photographer’s irony lies in the idea that it is impossible to leave the Soviet past behind completely. The balcony occupies the entire left side, which means that, despite the changes and reconstruction projects, Khrushchev buildings with dilapidated home-made insulated loggias will still remain in Moscow (to say nothing of the whole Russia). To emphasize this architectural dialogue of, Sergei Bratkov creates a complex dynamic space. The photo is based on the same principles that were used by avant-garde artists: a tricky composition resembles Sergei Eisenstein’s montage or Alexander Rodchenko’s diagonal angles. V

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