Mayana Nasybullova

WednesdayDecember 13, 201712:00

SundayJanuary 21, 201820:00

VLADEY Space, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8, bld.7

VLADEY is presenting an exhibition by Mayana Nasybullova entitled «Faith Crisis».

The new series of works presents Nasybullova’s next step in implanting Lenin in the basis of cultural codes. If in her earlier series «Lenin for the soul» only the colour of the bust of the «Leader of the Revolution» changed, now the shape is equally changing. Lenin transforms into a small statue, whose images are gathered from the world’s religions and mass culture. Nasybullova is exploring the process of how figures of different levels, such as Buddha and Cheburashka, end up being on the same level: for example on a shelf in a souvenir shop or in one media flow. Thanks to an accelerated assimilation process and to the recycling of information such processes happen faster and faster. Nasybullova embodies what had been in the air for a long time: by desacralizing the status, she places Lenin in the pantheon of ‘domestic gods’, trivial representations of the world’s culture. He can be adapted to any taste, similar to modern apps for gadgets: he changes colour and outer shells but still stays himself. Lenin can come into your home as Buddha or as little sculptures made out of epoxy resin and when the time comes, you will change him.

«Gods of the family hearth, Russian dolls on the shelf and slim rows of little robots on a child’s windowsill. Who are these small god-sculptures, silently guarding our peace from their little souvenir lookout posts? Formerly, they all had a sacral meaning; they were understood or were even obvious, in the same way that Lenin was once obvious after having taken residency in every city- in squares, in public buildings and in street names. Lenin is the image of the Soviet past that has most deeply penetrated the mass conscience and his most important symbol remains on the Red Square. No one is waiting for Communism anymore, Marxism has been refuted but Lenin stayed with us, like a distant children’s memory of the people».

Mayana Nasybullova, 2017

Exhibition view


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